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It's Just the Wind: Kind of a Sailing Story

In Book One, Jacks, a freshwater guy from Pittsburgh, PA, was never interested in sailing . . . not even a little bit. And just when he thought he had life figured out, ready to get married and start his dream job as a national chef, he is rudely bounced off of his well-planned path of rationality and pragmatism and launched on a hilarious yet poignant odyssey. Despite determined efforts to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, he finds himself sailing out of Annapolis Harbor as a cook on a forty-foot sailboat, heading for the Virgin Islands . . . and scratching a hole in his head as to how in the hell that happened. He was sure of only one thing . . . it was more than the wind that blew him there. And getting his sea legs was the least of his problems. This is the story of a man searching for answers and finding clues in strange places and under bizarre circumstances. Along the way, Jacks encounters a cast of outlandish, endearing characters—including Pete, an ageless, mystical, retired marine; Jimmy, a guileless wannabe Rasta; Les, a humming, fig-eating philosopher king; Frank, the quintessential, gentlemanly captain; and Lou, who truly believes that misery loves company— and slowly but surely learns that moments of self-realization and truth reveal themselves when one least expects them

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