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...It's Just the Wind

Kind of a Sailing Story
Book One 
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Reader reviews

This author is a magician, cleverly teasing the reader in with his dead serious kind of humor, very funny but so real —and true. He led me down the coast wielding a paintbrush loaded up with dialogue and description — then nailed his point with a kind of truth that I didn’t even know I needed. I bounced in and out of Jacks' real journey and his inner journey all the while looking right into myself. Each time I met a new character I had to ask myself questions about what I would do or what kind of person I am. Can’t wait to read Second Wind Second Wind: Kind of a Trippy Love Story and continue the journey!

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Second Wind: Kind of a Trippy Love Story

...It's Just the Wind: Kind of a Sailing Story

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Matt McConville is a musician, performer, songwriter, writer, and chef. Throughout his life, Matt has journeyed with ease and sometimes grace from the outer- to the inner-circles of society, has traveled like a gypsy, and has never been afraid to run away from anything. Along the way, he has climbed bridges and seven-hundred-foot smokestacks, washed dishes, waited tables, tended bar, managed dining rooms and kitchens, owned restaurants and bars, sold frozen steaks and seafood door-to-door off of the back of a truck, dabbled in mortgages and headhunting, been a corporate spy and troubleshooter, decorated very large cafeterias, and learned to bake great bread. In the meantime, Matt founded and is president of AMFM, Annapolis Musicians Fund for Musicians, a nonprofit that provides emergency financial relief for Annapolis-area musicians. He currently lives in Maryland with his wife and two daughters, plays music in overly sanitized bars and restaurants, and smiles wryly while driving the big YELLOW bus.

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